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Saturday, October 20, 2018 from Noon to 5:00 PM

Block Party Participant Agreement:

By completing and submitting this electronic application,  I understand and agree that:

  • Only booth space will be provided. Participants must supply their own tables, chairs, umbrellas, extension cords, signage, etc.
  • Our organization will set-up our booth between 9am-11:15am and will be prepared to receive guests by noon.
  • Our organization shall actively manage our booth for the entire duration of the event. We will not deconstruct or abandon our booth prior to 5pm.
  • Our organization will be responsible for meeting any licensing or code requirements related to the products and/or services offered.
  • Our organization assumes responsibility for the activities and actions of our representatives, suppliers, and customers.
  • None of the institutions, organizations, municipalities, or individuals organizing this event can be held liable for any damage, harm, or other outcome that is in any way connected to the block party, whether prior to, during, of after the event.
  • Our organization will adhere to all policies and decisions of the Organizing Committee.
  • Businesses and entities not categorized as a community, church, or school group must be a member in good standing of the Mount Penn Area Business Association in order to participate.
  • Our organization should help promote the event, but may not use any advertisement or promotional material not authorized by the Organizing Committee.
  • Our organization will be responsible for removing our refuse and recyclables and ensuring our location is clear and clean before departing. The public trash and recycling receptacles are for guests only.

Please remember:

  • Non MPABA Members that are professional vendors are prohibited from participating.
  • Make every effort not to duplicate offerings or hinder another participant.
  • Use fair and competitive pricing models.
  • Have limited product offerings.
  • This is a family event – booths must be in good taste; vulgarities, profanity, and obscenities will not be tolerated.
  • Contact the Organizing Committee if you would like the emcee to make any announcements on your behalf.

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